Carbon material


Hi I’m finding the more I print with Carbon that each print develops a flaw that continues to get worse than the previous one.
It’s as if someone has taken a knife & scored a deep cut in to it on one side. As I say each print gets deeper.
I’m using TreeD Carbonium & set it up as an external ABS as per their instructions.


Remember that this material is abrasive and, as stated on its producer’s website, it shouldn’t be used with Teflon surface (our hotends have PTFE tube inside). As defects appear on one side only, I suggest that you make sure whether your extruder cable is working properly (you can check every path’s continuity with multimeter or print extruder cable test: You can upload pictures of your models as well.


Marta, before I do this test is it the same for the M200 Plus? I’m conscious it’ll be a .zcode rather than .zcodex and not work. When I load it the printed parts group in the middle hence me asking. Many thanks.


You download it as a .zproj file, so you can change the printer to M200 Plus. Just rearrange the cubes, so that there is one in each corner and one in the center.