cascading problems

Ok terrible week .. stared with M200 telling me I had a problem with the cable ..ok so ordered a new cable put it on and the printer worked for two days , then it stared coming up with all other types of problems ... hitting the heat bed extremely hard several times until it said to check heat bed cables ... ok did that .. and it stopped coming up with that error for a while .. but then it started to refuse to feed the filament , the extruder motor would go back and forth as though there was a jam in hot end ... took the hot end off and cleaned it out .. it was all clear .. the nozzle was clear .. put it back together and started a print .. 2 1/2 hours into the print started doing the same thing again .. done the same thing again with the hot end and the nozzle all clear so replaced the entire lot with my spare .. started printing again .. this time just over 3 hours in it started doing the same thing ... just to be careful i cleaned everything including the heat bed .. went to do a calibration and bang .. it almost put a hole in the heat bed it hit so hard several times ... checked all the cables again no problems ... started the calibration again and when checking the front side it come up with an error telling me there was an extreme temperature drop in the hot end ?? what the hell is going on with this ,the brand new cable just cost me over $69au and if I need to replace anything else it is going to cost over $100au , has anyone else had these cascading problems ??