Changelog for 6

-Suite BETA V0.0.6 [ENG]

New Z-Suite features added:

  • Z-ULTRAT material profile,

  • Lowering platform sequence during the extruder hops when printing RAFT

  • PAUSE function and layer preview (this function will also work with the new firmware version which will be released soon)

  • Option to correct the external and internal model dimensions (available in the Advanced Settings tab)

  • Option to display the *.zcode, before printing large and complex models you may experience problems viewing the simulation on slower computers

  • Fixed bugs with slicing models that appeared in Z-Suite v0.0.5

  • Fixed GUI bugs

  • Other minor changes and fixes, which will help you to enjoy 3D prinitng with Zortrax

Truthfully speaking, I don't really understand about the offset part... inner and outer contour offset... sigh... u got what they mean bro Kyle?

If the dimensions inside or outside of part are off compared to the drawing, you can compensate for it. I haven't tried it yet though.

I was going to play with this today, but it doesn't let you enter a negative value. I was hoping to use it to downsize a hole quick without having to modify the model. Layer preview is nice, but kind of weird it shows everything as hollow. Not sure what the insert and remove commands do during layer preview.

Sliced viewer works much better for large parts. I have a decently powerful CAD workstation, and the viewer still gave me issues. Much better now. 

I think it will insert or subtract a layer to adjust height.

I really like the new update! Love the layer scrolling!!!


usually the holes are undersized due to shrinking. That's why they only have positive correction. Same for the outer dimensions.

The layer preview simply leaves the generic infill out. That's why it looks hollow.

The insert and remove buttons are for pauses in the print. As soon as we get the new firmware the printer will then stop where you inserted a pause and you can then probably change the filament color and resume the print afterwards.

Good catch Andre.. I failed to see where it said "Pause" in the box. I played with the offset on mine. Outer contours seem to be ok. Inner contours I have to set at .13mm to get a perfect fit.