Changing Nozzle A and Nozzle B

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Can I use the support nozzle as main nozzle ? I will order new ones but until they come I want try support nozzle in hottend A if it is possible.

Hi @Cntk3D,

this is exactly the same nozzle, so yes, you can swap them. Please just note that if it gets clogged with model material residues - it might no longer work with the support model then because of the difference in the extrusion temperature. However, you could then set a higher temperature (280-290 Celsius degrees) during the material loading to try to clean the nozzle and get rid of possible residues - this might do the trick.

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Hi Karolina,
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Are both nozzle diameters same? I mean both nozzle diameter 0.4 mm? Thanks for your replies.

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Hi @Cntk3D,

The nozzles installed in a new machine are 0.4 mm.

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