Chat tool - is it a real help for the community?

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

First of all i would like to thank you for this forum!

I like it very much!

This is the first time that i create a topic and i would like to introduce myself too.

My name is Marco, i’m 25 years old, i’m italian but i’m living in Paris :slight_smile:

With a friend i bought the Zortrax M200 because we belive in this super project!

Apparently we are going to receive the 3D printer next week! Great news!

I come to the subject of the topic:

I think this forum is a useful instrument to solve problems, share experiences and together build a strong community!

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to follow it every day / hour / minute of the day and I’ve seen that we are loosing the habit to create topics… We are sharing a lot of important informations inside the chat tool and it’s a waste because apparently only 100 exchanges are saved per time inside it.

Every member deserves the opportunity to benefit of this community and the only way to get it is creating a specific topic every time and not exchange “short-life informations”.

If you have a problem and somebody helps you solving it inside the chat tool, we loose the opportunity to help someone else that will have the same problem tomorrow.

Maybe it will take a little bit more time to receive help, but at the same time it will be a little bit less selfish too :slight_smile:

What do you think?

Thank you so much for your help!


Totally agree, Marco.

And it is very easy, when it is written on the chat, to copy-paste the texts and put them in a new topic for record and for sharing…

I hope lots of users will see your post.

I think the chat adds an interesting dimension to the forum, and it is fantastic to see the developers participating there, but I agree that users should exercise some discipline in reserving the shoutbox for chit-chat and using forum posts for technical issues where the discussion can benefit all users.

Hi Julia ,

Thx for your answer , I agree with you, and I thanks developers for their hard work!

The objective of my topic is just to warning the community…the shoutbox is an interesting tool, there you discover a lot of informations… But why have I to discover informations by chance?

For instance: in the shoutbox i discovered that zortrax is going to sell another super material next week.

Apparently some developers answered to different questions about this subjet some days ago in the chat and questions are quite often the same … So why don’t we create a topic?

I’m sure there will be official announcements about any new products or materials. The chat users got an “inside scoop” on that info, but I’m ok with that - it’s not available to anyone yet.

Chat is just for chit chat and the mostly what is going there is same question about shipping which happen 20times daily or speaking about “chicken hands” model moulding :wink:

Sometimes I try to solve some complicated problem using chat to have it solved in 10minutes instead of never ending topic which will take 2days, but then all informations are posted on the forum.

And shout box will always keep only 100messages to prevent of using shout box instead of forum but somehow I think will be useful if full shout box history can be stored in some other place.

Best Regards