Check X endstop / X Stage & restart your printer after firmware update.

Anyone got this after updating to 0.0.7, (which is the latest right?)?

"Check X endstop / X Stage & restart your printer!"

Can I go back to my original update?  What does this mean? 

I was printing just fine with zero issues.  I install this update and now I can't print.


I tried to revert back to the original update.bin but printer wouldn't utilize the old update.bin.  I changed the file attributes of the original update.bin to reflect 1 day past the day of of the faulty update.bin, (0.0.7) and am at least back to printing.  I am reading others that have installed it, seemingly without issue?

I guess support has no answer for this problem.  Received this e-mail:


Thank you for your feedback.

007 is the latest, indeed. You can still downgrade it to 0.0.6 (, check if that works and let me know. 



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 â€‰Åozowski |  Customer Support Specialist 

The Zortrax added Endstops check option, so I think you should check that the endstops cables are properly connected and that nothing had loosened.

I'll do that once I identify the "end stop" cables, (sorry, pretty new to this).  I'm curious though, would that problem have caused me an issue whilst utilizing the other firmware version?  Just thinking aloud.  Thanks for the input.

If your end stops would not work, the printhead would slam into the side of the printer during a print start and make loud stepper skipping noises.

If your printer works normally with 0.0.6 your stops are OK. So 0.0.7 seems to have a bug

That's what I think.  I reverted back to previous firmware and all seems to be well again.