Cleaning nozzle when Z-GLASS printing

Hi, I'm wondering what is the best way to clean the nozzle when printing with Z-GLASS. As acetone is not working anymore, if it gets clogged, the trick of pushing some length of ABS will fail. Then what can we do?

Isn't there some chemical that would dissolve it?

FIRE!  I use a torch to clean out the nozzle all the time.  It doesn't take long, but then you can tap out the ash and you're good to go.  BTW, this assumes your nozzle is free from the printer and heater block. :P 

Also, I don't know how the nozzle looks off the top of my head, but make sure that whatever you're using to grab the hotted while torching, that you don't grab it by the threads.  It will screw them up and you will not be happy.

A heat gun works with any plastic and is a lot easier to control than a torch I find.

But Julia, a torch is SO MUCH FUN! :P  

Haha! indeed, I think I'll try having some fun :)

Thanks for the answers.