Clicking sound M200 Zortrax Filament not feeding

Hello, i have change my nozzel with the V2 and after one print, the filament is not feeding anymore and i hear a clicking sound. I have clean the extruder (followed the dissassembly process) but still the clicking sound. Any idea of what i need to do ? Video link: M200


could you upload the video once again?

Despite the fact you replaced the nozzle - the hotend might need to be replaced anyway (it is impossible to clean it entirely, especially that the Teflon tube inside might be worn-out) since its approximate lifespan is 400 hours. Therefore, I would suggest to remove the nozzle first and try to load the material. If there is the same problem - check the hotend and ensure the heater&thermocouple are firmly installed. You may also find our troubleshooting manual helpful.

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Sure : M200

Sadly, the link says “This video has been archived and is not available to watch at this time.”.