Clogged head, please someone help

Hey So i m new with 3d printers, i had my m200 for a couple of weeks now and loving it. Yesterday i unloaded some ABS filament and somehow it broke somewhere inside the head....i tried to load filament on top of it thinking it might push it through but it did not work, it s really stuck. Here is a picture of where i can see the filament, as you can see i don t think it is possible to get it out from there so i was wondering if it is possible to access it from the nozzle side of the head maybe, i know it means i ll have to open it etc..... i m open to any suggestions please help

There's a very small ball bearing that goes over the exposed screw in your photo.  Did you by any chance lose that or forget to re-install it?  If so, the filament might not feed into the extruder and it would seem like the extruder was plugged.


Thanks for the reply Mike.

So yeah i know about the ball bearing, i have it and reassembled it properly a bunch of time already, when properly assembled the fresh filament feed into the extruder but will stop when meeting the old piece of stuck ABS you see in the picture. The "gear" that pushes the filament down turns but seems to stop as the filament stop moving down.

I think if you disassemble the heater you can pull this piece of abs stuck in the hole.

Some people with the same problem managed to drill of the abs. I would first try to catch it disassembling the heater. It's easy, could worth a try.

Thank you Venosa!

That was what i was thinking about, assuming the heater is the block above the nozzle>

Is there any instruction somewhere how to disassemble it safely ? 

Unscrew these two tiny grub screws (1,5mm hex) that are aligned to the axis of the heater tube. Gently pull it down.

I would try to remove the nozzle after you bring it up to temp. Then you might be able to push it through from the top.

Thank you so much

i just did that and was able to pull the filament out it s working fine again.

You saved my day!


thank you for the tip, this is what i did first, before i post anything here

but it would not come out even when hot. I think this may have happen because i pulled

on the filament when the nozzle was already cooled so it broke somewhere after the ball bearing and before the heater .

I did exactly what Venosa is talking about above and was finally able to remove the filament.

Thank you guys!

Perfect!! Glad you are up and running again!!

This sounds crazy, but rubbing canola oil on your filament really really helps with avoiding clogs.

Does the canola not hurt the layer adhesion?

I've thought about making a purge filament with a high temperature dry lubricant in it.

All other forms of extrusion run purge materials to clean them. Although most forms of extrusion have at least one screw in the barrel.

I havn't had any adhesion issues. I only use the canola on a hot pink filament I have that seems to clog without it.