Hello. I just bought M200. And after several prints filament stopped coming out of the hotend and stepper is clicking. Ive tried cleaning and disassembling the head according to support center.

Hole in noozle under microscope is looking ok. And a bit of filament is coming out of it.

The question is do i need to change the noozle?

Here is the video of a problem.

Also the extruder stepper seem to be really hot. Dont know if its alright.

I don’t hear it clicking at the end of the video…is the stepper even spinning? I wonder if you have am electrical issue…ribbon cable or stepper connector.

I don't hear it clicking at the end of the the stepper even spinning? I wonder if you have am electrical issue....ribbon cable or stepper connector.

it is not spining just trying to move and clicking.

I disassemble it few times and dony nptice any problems with cables.

I had that once when the nozzle tip was slightly smushed… Does the 0.4 piano wire fit through the nozzle?

sometimes the tip gets partly plugged,  take the tip out and burn out the plastic with a torch, let cool and the rinse in acetone and put back,

I have to do this from time to time , it will help to have a black up to get you going faster  

Could have a piece clogged in the hole below the stepper. 

I know that happened to me a few times. Every time I can't feed a filament through that is the issue for me.

I ended up taking the stepper motor off and taking a tiny drill bit and drill into the hole which drills the filament and if you use the right size the bit drills into the filament and never touches the wall.

Tool for removing plugs from feed path:

Easier than drill bits :)