Clone model after generating supports in Z-Suite


I know that you can copy/paste a model in the first step. But is it possible to copy/paste a model AND the supports after the supports have been added and tweaked? It would be nice to be able to only modify the supports one time, and then copy them along with the model.


Its already possible, go to Preview step and use Replicate function.


Thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware it was available at that step.
After replicating, do you have to repeat the slice, or just export the file?


No need to repeat slicing, just export file. Its much faster to slice one model, and then replicate it for example 15 times, than slicing 15 models at once.


OK, great!.
Just one more question… Can you replicate just part of the preview, or does it always replicate everything? (I’m assuming everything?)
Thanks again!



It replicates everything that was sliced and Z-SUITE treats everything that is on the platform as a one unit.
Let’s say you have two objects and you want to make copies of them. 2 copies would mean 4 objects, 3 copies 6 objects and so on.
I hope this answers your question. If not, please let me know.

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