Cold Casting with Zortrax

Last week I had the opportunity to try out cold casting with zortrax. Used this tutorial:

1. 3D printed the model shown in video from Z-ABS and with 0,09 layer height.

2. Sanded the model and used acetone vaporing to smooth out the surface.

3. Made a silicone mold from the model.

4. Poured a mix of resin and iron powder into the mold.

5. Demolded and polished the model.

Whole process took almost 3 days because the silicone I used had to dry 24h and the final model had to dry more than 24h. Overall Zortrax did a really good job printing the model. 

For comparison I also added a picture which has got a few parts printed from Copperfill (not printed on zortrax). Copperfill took more work afterwards, but got a good result within 5-6 hours including printing. Wonder whether Zortrax will eventually release something similar to Copperfill or Bronzefill? Read something about Z-ALU from somewhere...


Very cool!