Color coded axis / axis telltale

From day one in Z-Suite I’ve wished for color coded controls for manipulating parts in a project based on the axis.

When you go to rotate a part to orient it for printing, you see blue, green, and red circles around the part. Please color code the control boxes to make it that much easier for the user to know which axis they are changing. It could be as easy as an underline under the control boxes.

Also, for people who have been doing CAD for a while like me, the box in the upper corner - Top, Right, Front is…okay? Can we have an option to change that to an AXIS Triangle? Z = up / down, Y = front / back, X = right / left? Or just ADD X,Y, Z to the faces of the corner box with colored faces to match the circles as described above?

It’s a little thing, but I don’t know HOW many times I’ve hit the wrong axis to rotate something before printing…