Combine two STL's

I know this is not the right forum to ask such thing, but I will ask anyway. :)

I would like to combine this two STL's into one statue with my head.

So, I would like to get Buddha statue with my head on it.  :P

I tried, but did not make it right. Is it possible? Can someone help me?

Maybe try meshmixer software.

Tinkercad is great for manipulating STLs. Very intuitive, powerful, and easy to learn.

Great, thanks, I will try.  :)

I use Blender. It works good but to get a pefect stl you have to join two objects then delete some vertices and merge vertices and lines to make a manifold free object and a perfect print. 

Here is a project I was working on. Started with a stackable basket and two S hooks. It only took about 10 min or so to complete what I needed for a slat wall hanging basket.


A quick try on Meshmixer:


Venosa, you are the best!!  :)

Now I will try to do it myself.