Community forum is here!

We have just finished the initial implementation of the new forum for all people interested not only in our products, but also in the general the subject of 3D printing. We hope that you will like additional features that were added and the changes that have occurred in the time when the forum was not available. Our IT department is still working on new modules which will be implemented gradually.

We tried to keep all the existing posts and topics along with user database, but some may not be available because they were damaged during conversion. We will make every effort to restore all of them on the forum in the nearest future.

We also know that you were active users of a Shoutbox. It had a few bugs that we were able to fix it by implementing the new system and we almost reached perfection. From now on, you can configure it according to your needs, set the sound notifications when receiving a new shout and many others.

Remember that you are creating our community, and  we would ask for reporting all bugs and new updates that you would like to see here. We will do our best to implement each solution.

We are currently working on introducing:

  • Live stream from the printing process in your homes and offices,
  • Z-Suite Updates Monitoring System that will be tracking all software updates for you to be up to date with newest software versions,
  • Special section, which will collect all Zortrax products tutorials,
  • Other minor updates, which will be related to the extension of the forum functionality.



Welcome back !


Good news for everyone...

Welcome back everyone  :D


Glad to be back.


Will there ever be a software feature to adjust the filament feed rate, extruder and platform temperature to use a wider range of materials? 

@zpeel I will ask about it developer staff, and as soon as it will be possible I will try answer your questions!