companion piece to M200

I would like to see Zortrax manufacture a companion piece to the M200, at that level of quality, that would allow for reuse of the filament. It could shred the rafts, supports and failed parts into pellets that would drop into a holding hopper where they could be heated and extruded into new filament. The new filament would then be automatically wound onto an empty Zortrax M200 reel. I envision it to be compact in the M200 style. It would make the printing process greener to have little to no waste.

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Problem is the quality is not going to be as good as the Zortrax filament due to tolerances and constancy.

I have a filastruder kit waiting for me to put it together, but I am under no illusions as to the likely quality of the output.


Tolerances are set by nozzle quality and cooling of filament. Zortrax has set a goal to make best filament ! so I suppose Quality filament in -> Quality filament out.

I would appreciate possibility to recycle the filament of prints ! And to recycle PET bottles into filament too.

The quality of ABS degrades every time it is melted; recycled plastic is never as good as “virgin” plastic. It might be OK for non-critical prints after one or two cycles, but you can’t indefinitely extrude and recycle the same material. You can, however, mix recycled and virgin raw material to extend the life.