Comparative table of Z-materials


I can not find the comparative table with the Z-materials on the site of zortrax.

Where is he ?

is there still ?

I would like to compare the characteristics of Z-materials

That would be nice to have !

There was a materials comparator in the previous version of the site.

But I can not find it anymore

You could read the main features and easily compare all Z-materials

Hey there. Such comparison is not available anymore, but we'll pass your suggestions further.

It was very practical though !

Thank you for the link. ;)

But where did you find it on the site ? :ph34r:

This is very recent because the table details the latest filaments (nylon, pha, flex) :o

I just looked at the whole site in details by clicking on all possible links, but I did not find anything ! :angry:


A real mystery ! :lol:

Oh it's at the bottom on each material page as "Download Materials Brochure" next to order button, for example 

I didn't find it right away either, misses the eye for some reason