Constant failed prints

where to start?
when I first started using the inkspire everything was fine and 95% of my prints worked every time…
now its a little different ….the last 15 or so prints in a row have all failed …every time… and its driving me utterly crazy… I’m about to bin or sell (if I can!) the machine …i’ve gone back to using my m200’s to print small delicate stuff as I just cant rely on the inkspire to do the job. I work as a model maker in the film industry and I set my machines up to work through the night to provide me with the bits I need the following day… every morning for at least two weeks my inkspire prints have failed… i’m starting to get really fed up with the machine I wish I had never bought it!
its not the calibration… I do this every time
its not the files… I have ran them through make printable… only to produce the same failed result
its not the plate … the raft is always there
I have used the heaviest auto support settings … and added extra manual support… still no joy
fail fail fail…aghh!!!
presently the typical result is model will not remain on supports and appears to collapse into the tank at some point …that’s where I find the half developed model submerged in the tank …taunting me from the murky resin depths…(!) but the raft and support structure is all there
some people have told me to hollow the model as maybe the weight is causing the model to drop… nope that’s not it… same result and anyhow surely the auto options should be able to support any model it can produce in the chamber
the problem is more catastrophic in the .1 layer height … if I go back to 0.05 it sometimes works … sometimes

any help would be appreciated before I throw this expensive waste of money out of the window

Hi, @parakartracer.

Please, contact us via support form or at
Pictures of failed prints and files will be helpful in resolving the problem.

hi marta
there isn’t much to see really
typically I have the raft and the support structure up to the point where it meets the model
this is sound and good on the plate…
then the model de- attaches and is left to drown miserably in the resin tank…in its weird,depressed,lonely and pathetic, half formed way…only to laugh at me the next day from its sticky swamp…

I’m afraid that without pictures and .stl and .zcodex files we won’t be able to help you.
Please, complete a support form and attach the files, so we can check whether the issue is repeatable on our side. This is a first step to solve the problem in such cases.