Contour-infill setting options Z-Suite Beta


I am having a couple of issues with my prints concerning accuracy and Infill joining my Contours.
I am using an older M200 with firmware 1.3.1 and the newest Z-Suite Beta. I do not see the option in the Offset Section under printer settings to set or alter the Contour-infill. Additionally in the same section the Hole option and Outer Dimension option can only increase up to +.5mm only, not up to 1mm, nor can I decrease either option to -.5mm or -1mm. The reason I am asking is that I am having trouble with Holes and Square extrusions (Square cut outs) on my prints to be an accurate size. I have printed several calibration test prints and they seem to be Spot-on for external measurements but when it comes to recessed squares or circles they are always to small for the most part and the first couple of layers the infill does not touch the contour edges. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.