Controlling seam position

I'll bet this has been gone over in the past, but is there a way to control the seam position? Z-Suite seems to make that decision based on geometry, layer thickness, who knows what else but the result is not predicable. It even changes when you change material type, all other parameters the same. I'd like to be able to say "put the seam here" or have it always located at 12 O'Clock looking down (or whatever) then I could rotate the part on the table and get it where I want. Random seam isn't good for this part. The normal seam is OK, but not where Z-Suite wants to put it. 

I haven't had prints on the machine anytime recent so I don't know if z-suite has changed or not..but previous I moved the seam locations by rotating the model about z-axis; z-suite often picked different seam placement doing so - but is trial and error. 

Ive also forced seam positions by adding a very (very) small vertical edge or indent along the model where I want the seam, as z-suite usually places the seam on highest curvature portions of the model.

I was going to try the indent or a fake parting line to see what it would do. But it isn't just geometry dependent: changing material type will move the seam, changing the slicing thickness also. I've tried rotating Z but on this particular part it does not move the seam.