could someone please print these and let me know what you think

I have tried printing both of these items multipul times with Z-HIPS (zortrax default print settings) and Im just having issues, without support the filament channels collapse and when I use support removing the supports ruin the part do to too good of adhesion.

many thanks.

have now tried, abs & petg and thoes failed as well, supports cannot be removed without damaging the part and OD varies print to print ( I have been printing 5 at a time in hopes of getting one good one ) .. would still love to see what results other get.

Hi, beard
I'm afraid it's a thick problem. fill.stl file has a wall too thin as you can see in the image.
On the other hand, I would try to print the parts as shown in the picture, with the holes facing the fan.

You may try print those, I've made it using 2.0 ;>

Thank you so much guys, will give it another go.