Couple Issues that i desperately need help with

I purchased this zortrax M200 From 3Dproshare as a refurbished unit and have been having issues with my raft bonding to my parts. I have to remove the raft and all support contact points with a exacto knife or they will not separate. I am pretty much sculpting the parts with the ecato knife and they come out looking like s**t. Please take a look at these pictures and help me figure this out. 

I personally believe that the printer is just printing way too hot. as even with a 20 degree support option in the sclicer it cannot print and radius that is facing the wrong way. (see pictures)

Do you have a Temperature gun?

I would check the bed temp. Also check if the bottom fan is working. Check if the thermocouple screws are tight on the hot end.

I had a few prints that stuck to the raft a while ago and it was because of the heat bed, I had to install a new temp sensor on the bed; but looks like you have way more going on at the beginning of the prints to make them look like that so I would check all the wiring and make sure its connected properly. 

The round prints could just be cause it looks like you didnt use any support but I would think it should print a heck of a lot better than that.

What material is this?

It is temperature issue, 100%. 

You should start from Fans (FAN1/FAN2), check if they work properly. Next, I would go for replacing Heater&Thermocoupler. 

Sometimes this happens to me too a piece of the raft wont peel off and gets stuck on there. I use these jewelry tool called a flush cutter and it gets the piece of raft off. I am not sure about support material, i just avoid that because I cant get it off its too hard.

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