Covid-19 PPE Equipment

I’m trying to get other 3D fdm printer folks in Denver metro area to help print PPE gear. I just printed this at .29mm on my M200. 2.25hrs. Hmm can’t upload images

Now printing this. Let’s use our printers to help with coming tests and medical staff where ever you are locally!

Thanks for sharing! When I heard about people using their 3D printer to print face masks I immediately joined their cause. I managed to print some and gave them to my neighbors and friends.

I ended up heading a 3D group for masks now and working with Make4Covid. I ended up re-desgingin the face shield frame per comments from First Responders and Nurses. I added a cap to the top and redesigned so it could be printed in stacks for M200 and other fdm type printers.

If wanted or needed, I’m happy to offer the re-design of the 3Dverkstan I designed here.

Keep the rubber side down.

Tried to add an image/animation of design but don’t see functionality. Oh well…