Cracking noise x/y axis


Hi there,
I’ve just bought a brand new m200 plus… I was super excited about it, but at the first print i started to experience these very annoying cracklings sounds coming from the x/y axis… I have been reading other posts and it may be a problem with axis not in square.
I have no idea what to do to get the axis perpendicular, can anybody help me?
It’s not normal that a brand new printer does this noise; I have been working with a m200 for 1000 hours and never experienced something like that


Hi, @Andre90.

Could you record a short video showing the problem?
We’d like to make sure what can be the cause.


Of course, Here’s a dropbox link where you can see a video of the issues

Please let me know if it’s enough for you to understand


I have to add that the printer it’s working perfectly (beside all the noises and crackling and popping) and at the moment there was no isuees with the 2 parts i’ve printed so far.

The problem comes out when the printer gets hot, when cold ,if you move the extruder, there’s no noise at all.

And while it cools down it does some little crackling too, even if it doesnt move.


Here’s the solution of the problem.
There are stil some clicks but it’s much much better now, i would say that 95% of the problem is solved.
Still, it’s not normal for a brand new machine that cost more than 2000€ to have such a big issue from the first second you turn it on.


Hi, @Andre90.

Thank you very much for the information and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

If a similar issue appears, please contact your Reseller directly again.