crafting piece attaches to raft

. hello guys I recently got a m200 and I’m printing a piece in ABS, the print is fine but unfortunately the piece sticks to the raft and therefore remains stuck, how can I solve the problem?

Hello Sergio,

you can tweak the first layer gap in advanced settings - this option sets a gap between the raft and the first layer of a model. Once you increase this value, the adhesion between the raft and the first layer of the model will be less strong, and as a result, it will be easier for you to separate the raft from the model after the printing process.

However, if the model gets overheated - it may be necessary to replace one of the consumable parts such as the hotend or heater&thermocouple (approximate lifespan - 350/400 hours), especially if you are also having difficulties with removing support strucures.When printing small models - increase the fan speed in Z-SUITE (80-100%).

could you also provide autocalibration results?

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Hi Karolina, thank you for your message, I am attaching the Z-SUITE settings, the piece is small, (I am attaching a photo), I think the calibration of the platter is good (0.0 on all 4 sides, 0.1 on the central one). how can i improve?