Customization options

I'm considering buying a Zortrax M200 and have contacted the support regarding a question, but didn't get an answer for a few days. Since the question regards basically my last criteria whether or not to buy a Zortrax and I'm looking forward to buy a 3D-printer, most of you can probably also help me. So here is my question:

How much customization is possible on the Zortrax M200? Its specifications say, an extruder temperature of up to 380°C is possible, but can we set the temperature freely or are there material specific profiles we're limited to? I want to try some materials (with selfmade filaments) other than the comercially available ones - also some that require higher extrusion temperatures. As far as I've read we're free to use other filaments at our own risk.

Currently there is no temperature control. 

And probably never will be. All we might expect is for Zortrax to develop other (promised) filaments and the printing profiles for them. With Z-ABS, printing temp is 260 C, with Z-ULTRAT we have no idea. And, apparently, using other filaments voids the warranty.

It's a pity, but thanks for the fast response. Compared to all other 3D-printers i considered, the huge temperature range promised a lot of potential. At least the hardware already supports it and we can hope for software updates in the future unlocking it.

The M200 is an excellent option if you are looking for accuracy and reliability, the hardware is supposed to be prepared to reach enough temperature to work with PC. On the other hand every machine is hackable if you know what you are looking for but under the risk of damaging your printer with a voided warranty.