DDS times and temp

Hey there,

Is there a chart anywhere that has recommended times and temps for the different support materials in the DDS station?


Just read this on the M300 Dual category. So I guess this answers my own question.

As for other tips, here are recommended temperatures (for DSS Station for Inventure, but they are applicable for Z-SUPPORT Premium in general) for models printed with:
– Z-PETG: between 40 and 50° C [104 and 122° F]
– Z-PLA: max. 40° C [104° F]
– Z-ULTRAT Plus: 50° C [122° F].
These temperatures won’t affect the model itself and will ensure effective dissolution rate

Hi, Ryan.

Glad that you’ve found necessary information :slight_smile:

These temperatures are adjusted to model materials, as some of them may be affected by too high temperatures. There isn’t a fixed recommended dissolving time, as it depends on the amount of support structures on the model. Removing some of the support structures manually can significantly reduce dissolution time.