Default ABS setting to hot? Better results with external materials settings.

I've been printing up Z-ABS models with very thin walls, less than a mm, and significant overhangs. I was getting poor results with default settings. I was getting lots of stringing and irregular walls. I tried the same print using external materials settings with these settings.

extrusion temperature at 257 C

retraction distance at 1.1mm

retraction speed at 43

both sprint speed and flow rate bumped down 10%

And my print is now coming out nearly flawlessly. Still a tiny bit of stringing but nothing compared to what I was getting with the default settings. Maybe there's something going on with my thermocouple and my hot end was hotter than it should be. But in any case I wanted to share my experience in case there is anyone else out there running into similar issues. The default settings aren't necessarily ideal for every print it would seem.

Hi Johnny!

Please print the model one more time with the speed of fan set to 100%.

Furthermore, I would check resistance on the heater when it's cold (room temperature). The value should amount 15-16 Ohms. If it's higher - it causes the overheating you've encountered.

I've been setting the Fan to 100%. I'll have to check the heater though.


I'm waiting for the results then.