DesignSpark vs Autodesk 123D

The attached pic compares the same object designed in the two CAD packages. The actual objects printed just as shown, flat spots in DesignSpark. I can't find any information re DS customizing the resolution of any non-linear shapes. If I remember, Sketchup would allow the number of facets in a circular shape. Too bad, as I was growing fond of DS.



Tranny Z-code.JPG

You can go to File -> DesignSpark Options -> STL and tweak output resolution as needed :)

Here is what mine is set to.. It does make the files much larger though..

Thanks for the help guys. I have been on a few other forums (machinist, woodworking,etc.) and this forum has been the most helpful of all!


I can vouch for DSM with Kyles custom export settings.

Perfect curves compared to what I've got with Autodesk Inventor Fusion.

I've got to use some tutorials to get up to speed on it, but it's a good free CAD for sure.