Details of electronics

Okay, so I have purchased my M200 and am waiting patiently. While I wait can anyone tell me what the controls are? Under the hood if you will. I am a mechanical guy, not too bad at computer stuff but the behind the scenes stuff I leave to the experts, as I should. I am trying to justify my purchase (not that there is much of that needed) by comparing to the Repraps out there and the Arduino boards. Any input would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Dhatw.

We use our own electronics with ARM Cortex CPU.

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[quote name=Rafal Tomasiak]We use our own electronics with ARM Cortex CPU.

Thanks Rafal. One more question if I may. I know you will have WIFI capabilities later on, will I be able to control the printer from a smart phone without any extra purchases on my end or is WIFI only to transfer Zcode?

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I believe they are planning to make a mobile app too but I’m not sure what all we’ll be able to do with it.

Better have a good smart phone… Galaxy S4 here.

[quote name=Kyle]Better have a good smart phone… Galaxy S4 here.

I have an S4 for my personal use and an iPhone 4S for work.

I am mainly interested in being able to kill power if something goes wrong. Julia uses an IP power adaptor and I was going to buy one along with a webcam. But I won’t spend the money if the M200 has the built in capabilities.

Rafal, the main reason I am asking now is I want to buy a webcam. If I need to buy an IP power adapter to be able to remotely kill the power on the printer then I might as well buy it now too and save on shipping. Of course, if I the M200 will have this capability built in then I don’t want to waste my money.

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