Diagonal strings on inner wall of tube


I tried to print a tube but for some reason the first 20 layers or so on the inside look like this…the outside looks perfect.

link to pic

You can cut those strings away but the wall in that section is of course missing this material and so the tube is not round on the inside…

The tube is 22mm in dia and the wall is 2mm thick

It happens every time… I tried several fills and also two tubes next to each other. It’s weird because the head makes a circular path but the strings end up to be straight/diagonal…

That’s odd… Where did you find the STL?

Source of .stl file/.zcode ?

I made it myself. I think I have found the cause though…the bottom of the wall is not 2mm thick…it’s 1mm and then jumps to 2mm. At this jump the strings occur because the nozzle is suddenly above air (and there is no support created since the step is just 1mm wide). I will make a new model tomorrow with a chamfer instead of this step and see if it fixes it.

That might do it.

Ok…using the new software and printing with 20deg support fixed it! No more strings!! :slight_smile: