Difference between machines

Hi, I have 2 Zortrax M200’s, both provide very different finishes.
The 1st (and oldest) provides stringing:

and when extruding with no nozzle (just to test output) it looks burnt: left

When compared to the newer machine (Right) and it’s finish:

To note, both printers are on same firmware, same file is on both printers

Thanks for your help

temperature problems, check fans if working
try swapping heater&thermocoupler…if nothing change try swapping extruder pcb



when was the last time you replaced the consumable parts such as the hotend or heater&thermocouple? Their approximate lifespan is 350-400 hours (maintenance guide), so they may be already worn-out. As Roby suggested - you can try swapping the parts to check which one is at fault, as well as running the fan test.

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Thanks Both, I think the machines have done well over 500 hours :sweat_smile:

Think I’ll look at some replacement parts!