different diameter in a same holes using offsets holes

I've strange things using offsets holes corrections in the Z-Code generate by Z-Suite. It seems that Z-Suite add an "smaller" holes in the lower part at the complete holes, so I can't put this piece on the shaft for which it is designed.

Layer size in 0.14mm and offsets hole is set to 0.2 (for Z-ULTRAT)

As you could see on this picture (red)


Thanks for your help

Also in your screen shot, a similar thing is happening along the flange holes, but in the z plane.

Not a bug I think, just that the outer contour and hole settings could be better described and only apply to the contours for each z-plane layer rather than the full 3D model. Can cause a confusion between an outer contour vs hole because the slicer only sees the contours in the z-plane (at least for offsets). To see why, the following are z-plane contours of a vertical cylinder:

Applying a hole (inner contour) offset will correctly resize this hole in the z-plane.


Drilling another hole perpendicular to the cylinder results in a z-plane contour like this.....


....notice the entire profile becomes an outer contour, rather than an outer contour and a hole (inner contour). So the offset settings will have 'unexpected' results unless one realizes this. Also note that as a result, the transition between the two layers will result in a step if using offsets.... which is what you're seeing.

To adjust your part, you will need to do it in before bringing into z-suite

Thanks for your answer.

We I print my own designs I can adjust in the CAO software but with STL file coming for website Can we use scale (x-y and/or z) factor with a known factor?



If you're ok with the positions of the features changing a bit then that may work, but if you need the positions to stay correct then not. Unfortunately, you can't set a negative offset for the outer contour because that might correct it.... you'll have to fix it in cad... so either have to build the model or use a file translator.