Different initial Z height for external materials on M200 Plus


I just wonder: is it intentional that some (but not all!) materials seem to have a different initial Z height depending on whether you choose the Zortrax profile or the external profile (Z-Suite btw.)?

Like Z-ABS starts at 370µm but ABS based starts at 200µm (which also was the common initial Z height for the M200). Also Z-HIPS starts at 342µm but HIPS based starts at 200µm. Then again, Z-PLA and PLA based both start at 319µm.

Letting aside why the Zortrax profiles for the M200 Plus now all seem to start higher than the profiles for the original M200 (different extruder???), but it seems suspicious that the “external” profiles weren’t (all) changed as well.


A deeper look confirms that the "external" slicer configurations are actually quite different from the ones used for Zortrax material. E.g. for ABS even the retraction (1mm for Z-ABS instead of 0.5 for ABS based) and bed/extruder temperatures (65/270 vs. 80/275) differ significantly. Also both PLA configurations differ in 22 parameters, just not as significant as for ABS. Like the most obvious difference is the bed temperature (25 vs. 30).

I guess most users would expect that the external profiles are exactly like the internal profiles - just with the possibility to edit them. So e.g. if someone thinks a little higher extruder temperature or retraction value would be needed and switches to the external profile which uses completely different values for temperature and retraction, this will most likely not result in the expected behavior.



I have noticed that the raft with ultrat was sticking the same with 2.6.0 and 2.6.1. With my external abs same settings except for extruder temp and bed temp stuck noticeably stronger with 2.6.0. I updated and printed the exact same model with same settings on 2.6.1 but my raft didn't stick as well. Also first layer height changed as well. I've gone back to 2.6.0 until I finish this filament or they do another update.


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it says,

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