Different Nozzles with M300 Dual

Hello, I’m considering an M300 Dual but would need the ability to use different nozzle sizes, such as ~0.25mm for fine features. Additionally, I need the ability to use hardened nozzles for filled materials, as well as brass for non-filled ones. I see various nozzles for sale for the M200 and M300 Plus but it looks like the M300 Dual uses a different nozzle thread–is that so?

Can someone recommend some good-quality fine nozzles and hardened nozzles?

Thank you.

Never mind, I just checked out your slicer and it is horribly limiting. No control over flows, line widths, gradual infill, or any of the other good abilities that Cura offers, even in “”“advanced”"" mode. In fact, I couldn’t even pick a different nozzle size other than 0.4mm for the M300 Dual.

The fact that your printer doesn’t work with other slicers is a huge red flag. That’s the kind of crap that companies like Stratasys and MarkForged that overcharge 10x for their printers pull.

Too bad because the pictures of print quality on the M300 Dual look good, but doesn’t matter if I can’t do the advanced things I need to for my application.