Disabling display update due to low framerate (0,32fps)

appears the following error:
"Disabling display update due to low framerate (0,32fps)"
Then the file is no longer visible.


What is specification of your computer ? (RAM, CPU, OS)





I would say you need a new computer to keep up with the times and the software.  :o

but I have been wrong lately.  :lol:  :lol:  :D

You can try update your OpenGL drivers, maybe this will help, if this does not help, unfortunately your PC is too weak to display all parameters.

BTW: You can send me *.stl or *.zcode file and I’ll check it on my computer.



Prob time for a new PC or upgrade it. 

Time for an i7  !!!!!!!!! :D  Or better video card..

Already in effect it's time for a new PC. :)
This error occurs only when I put a layer thickness of 0,09mm.
By setting a layer thickness 0,14mm to this problem does not occur!
It could be a software problem?
Thank you very much!