Does a new M200 come with the V2 hotend

Does anyone know if I order a new M200 if it comes with the V2 hotend or the old V1 hotend?

Ask reseller that you want to buy it from .

I think V1… V2 is an upgrade if i understand it correctly.

One of Z employees said that they ran out of V1’s, so a small batch of printers got V2’s. So if you ordered recently straight from Z you might get lucky, but for the most part the answer is no.

Edit: I was mistaken; this is true for the plates and not hot ends. I am unaware if new printers come with new hot ends though I have seen a report or two that they do.

Hey Fans and Trolls!


All of our printers received in last weeks shipment have the V2 nozzles on them now. All of the resellers here in the USA either already do or will soon have these printers that come with the V2 as standard. (the same holds true for the perforated platform)


We want to assure you that Zortrax is actively engaged in bringing you the best 3d printing experience available in the desktop scene and after having reviewed chatter on this and other forums I would like to make the community aware of the following:


The V2 hotend is not only in direct response to a largely reported issue that users where having with the new Z-Glass material. Zortrax is always looking to improve upon the M200 printer as it is their flagship product and they seek to have it remain so even with the announcing of new printers rolling out. (shout out to the Inventure announced earlier today) I would like to make it know that that several of our users have had great experience in printing with the glass with their V1 hotends. They have found through creativity, troubleshooting, and a bit of adaptation this solution:  


By raising the filament being feed up higher then the extruder and then removing the filament guide tube, this has resolved the issue of the filament binding and causing a failed print due to the combined tension caused by the extruder and tube alike.


That being said, it is not the aim of Zortrax to provide the consumer with just a good or even great experience in your printing endeavors. As 3D Hubs user base has rated them for several months now, Zortrax is about providing you the best experience available in this industry. In this situation it was not just a simple tweek to the software to get those continued results. The Zortrax team has never charged the customer for their Z-Suite software or the expansion and improvements in updates that continually roll out. We don't feel that due to the nature and differences of "physical" product versus "digital" that they should be expected to do the same with new hardware advances.


We do understand the desire of many out there that currently have the V1 hotends and are looking to upgrade to the V2 recently released. Be assured that we and our team of resellers here in the USA are already in the process of bringing them in stock and having them on hand for you.

I’m confused, you are a reseller… but you have resellers? So they’re re-resellers?

I'm confused as well Labrat.

I am confused as why ProShare shared that lovely long worded explanation in a forum for Zortrax Owners and users instead of on their own website or emails to their resellers and sellers and reresellers. hahaha

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I guess spam comes in all places even trying to sell Zortrax in a Zortrax forum post i General discussion. I can see if it was in Sales forum.

Hey Octave...youre falling asleep on the job. Start selling everywhere. :D ahaha lol

I am sorry for the confusion guys, and we aren't trying to sell anything here on the forums. We have recently stepped into a position here in the United States where we will be working very closely with all the other resellers to give you the best support and services that we can. 

The question was asked, "Does anyone know if I order a new M200 if it comes with the V2 hotend or the old V1 hotend?" We want to assure everyone that, in the most recent shipments of printers both arriving and those currently on hand, they are indeed coming with the V2 hotends. (they will not need to be purchased separately, as well as the new V2 Perforated platforms)  You will be able to get these printers from which ever reseller/s that you choose to work with.

Thank you and I hope that eliminates any previous confusion that was created.