Dots/Imperfections on surface of sliced objects?


Anyone know what's causing these surface dots/imperfections in the slicer?

Did not happen before I updated to the latest Z-Suite.


Surface Defects.PNG


Those dots are to highlight where the printer will step up to the next layer, you will hardly see them in real life.  They are a great indication as to where a seam will be on the print.  


Hi Swifty,

I agree with Andy. Those dots indicate where the seam will be on the print. There's nothing to be worried about.

It looks like you've set the seam to "random" - that's why it's is scattered so much all over the model.

You can slice it one more time with the "normal" setting. 


You can turn the visibility of the "Seams"  off & on in the Z-Suite Interface under the Pause button "Components".... "SEAM" checkbox. I've found it very interesting to turn off & on the different components to inspect how a model will be printed in advance of printing.