Drooping & Dots

Hey guys, hoping the more experienced folks can help out!

I've been getting a lot of drooping in a specific spot on my prints and I've been getting surface dots on vertical surfaces.

Is it a cooling issue? Should I add a 2nd fan?

You can see the drooping in the open slots at the bottom.

You can see the dots on the surface of the left piece near the top where the light shines.



Re the drooping, is the slicer generating any support in there, or are you expecting it to bridge the gaps without support?

No support, I expect it to simply bridge across, it worked fine originally and for the most part, it's able to pull the strands across without drooping but lately it's just been drooping a lot below the tiles.

Here's a shot of the underside of multiple tiles.



What material, layer thickness, speed, etc?

Z-ABS, .9mm, fine, no supports, low infill, 6 layer top & bottom, smart bridges, Auto-fan.

I'm printing a new batch today with same settings but 100% fan and I'm getting a ton of strings/wisps.

Think it's time for a thorough maintenance & I'll probably add a 2nd fan.

Hey swifty

Do you solved the problem with a second fan?