Easy trick to avoid warping

Recently I print large parts that tends to warp.

Beside the known procedures to increase adhesion with perforate plate ,that are almost mandatory (Abs juice),  I noticed that a simple procedure gives great help.

It is just a matter of putting in pause mode the printer a little later the raft has been complete and wait some minute to let Abs cool down a bit .

Then resume the print.

Here is a part prone to bend at edges and at green arrows


part prone to bend.jpg

With the "pause" trick a quite good  tesult.

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That's awesome. If it works well, z-suite should maybe do that for larger parts

Do you use the pause in z-suite ?

If you put a break at 0% in z-suite, the printer stops just after the raft

You did this ?

yes in Z-suite but also directly with the pause button .

Depending on the print I put the pause a bit after the raft when about 1/4  of total print height has been done.

Obviously it depends from print to print.

The goal is to let cool down the under layers that remains hot and soft then resume the print.

I will give that a go and see if it works thanks

Hey cool idee bad we dont found this function 

can you explane white a screen shoot from z suite oder is that on the printer 

and how is the version form Z-Suite and Firmware


ok bad we dont understanding the way to make this process

you print "ground" and after the part ?

If I understand lucamac, place the pause somewhere near the start of the print, but not at the the very start... like 5-25% depending on height of part

Yes,  exactly ChunkyPastaSauce ,

I notice a strong improvement in printing parts that are subjected to warping.

As I wrote , the Abs sauce trick remains as mandatory.

About at what moment insert the pause I have no objective reasons  just my intuition .

I’m pretty sure that using pauses at the right moment and in the right number might be a major improvement for warping issues but there are so many factors that affects the printing process that it will be difficult to establish a rule , the “magic touch” of the operator will probably do the difference  :D 

 the "magic touch" of the operator will probably do the difference  :D

That's the point of that voodoo trick IMHO. A well leveled bed (together with an ideal contact for auto Z-sensing at print start) and repeatable environment conditions and a well treated bed is all up to the operator...