Edge is off

I was curious if I should add more fan instead of using automatic fan setting on smaller prints.

Everytime I print a Marvin the edges above the eyes always seem to be kinda melted or burnt.

Any theories? 


Bridging issue, more fan could help but may cause layer adhesion problems and shrink related warping.

Like Drew said,I think it’s due to the new auto bridging (that, once again, REALLY needs an off switch…). Downgrade to pre 1.X to get support added.

The only way I had fixed it in the past when I first did a Marvin was to use support. Though I think Zortrax is better than other machines out there that use (or say they use) no support. 

I just never changed the fan settings on any print except my ""other"" prints where I use 100% and adjust it with the fan housing. I wouldn't call myself experienced printer as I still don't know when more fan is needed or not. I was under the impression that small prints need more fan but this is the only issue I have with small prints

"I can't say its bridging as I got this same thing before with no support and its been about a year now"

I have some leftover Ultrat. I'm gonna give another try with more fan and see. 


Maybe try printing him on his back?

Well I tried 20% fan and it made a worse print. Plus made the one a little smaller and the crown was too thin so only partially printed. Saw it in Zsuite but I printed anyway. lol 

Still decent I guess for the size...the little one I mean. hehe


I attached the Zultrat Zcode of the first Print if anyone feels like tying their Printer out. If you do, please post pics here. Thanks

20% light support.

The edges aren't as smooth. It is the last of a roll of Zultrat Ive had out for about a 1.5 months. And my Calibration is near perfect. 

Will have to try with the new hotness when it comes and check it.