Empty walls

Hi All,

Can someone help me how to avoid those issues? Empty walls (pic. A) and bad contact on edge (pic. B ).



A: This is FDM, try to make double walls  :) B: What is thickness of the wall ?


Outside 2,3mm, inside 1,5mm.

Tomasz - In the second photo, your walls are too thin. What I've learned from testing is that the extruder puts down a bead of plastic 0.5mm wide. If your walls are between 1.0mm and 1.5mm, then you just get two outside beads with no infill. Try increasing your wall thickness to 1.5mm (or just a bit wider).

On the first photo... I think that's just the nature of the beast with the Zortrax at the moment. Hopefully they can improve this in future releases.

Zortrax Software is lacking.

Both of those issues you mention:

1. Hollow walls

2. non-touching in-fill

are two big issues that still need solving.

Changing your part geometry to cater to your 3D printer defeats the entire point of 3D printing prototypes. I'm hoping Zortrax will figure that out soon enough. (I'm guessing (hoping) they will be getting 5000 e-mails regarding their software from the 5000 orders Dell purchased). That should get the ball rolling.


I would bet that the fine folks at Zortrax are already working on improving those two issues.

On the other hand, you're presuming that what he's making is a prototype and not a one off. There is such a thing as Design for Manufacturing, after all.

Either way, Tomasz asked if there was anything he could do to avoid the issues he was having. He can't rewrite the Z-Suite software, but he can tweak his design.

i hear yeah jps8,

I just threw that post out there hoping Zortrax staff would jot down one more tick in a spread-sheet.

Your suggestion of changing the wall thickness to conform to the extruded thickness is a great current solution.

Zortrax Software is lacking.

Both of those issues you mention:

Show me the better software at the moment, and I'll buy it :)

Tomasz, for empty walls, there is something very easy : just make the top "round" ("arrondi" in french) and it will print well.



Yes but inside is still empty :)

Tomasz - are you running the latest version of Z Suite (.0.0.7)?

I see the same issue you see in Picture A, but it appears to have improved since I upgraded from 0.0.6 to 0.0.7. I'm not 100% certain that the upgrade addressed this, but based on a few prints I have on my desk, it looks like it might have.

Show me the better software at the moment, and I'll buy it :)

I came from using Cura on an open-source printer.

That software was leaps and bounds better.

But unfortunately the printer was not up-to-par.

Maybe we could hack the Zortrax w/ an open-source controller to get the best of both worlds.

I am happy if Z-Suite generates infill with proper density in openings under 0.5mm.

There is also the case of the top priorities is the strength of the parts. ;)

The option to increase wall thickness (perimeters) would solve this issue. I'm hoping this will be added to the advanced features, to compliment the top and bottom layer options that currently exist.