Endstop Failures with new firmware


Hi All,

I just upgraded our M200 Plus from FW 1.4.0 to 2.4.2.

The X-axis end-stop switch is now misbehaving after the upgrade (it never did beforehand)

80% of the time it won’t register when the axis homes and produces an Error #203.

We’ve been unable to print after the update (as the printer homes twice before starting a print)

Any advice would be good!


Hi @blah!

I guess you mean the error 5:5.

Have you gone through the axes check procedure? Please do so. If there is anything wrong, you’ll receive information on the screen.

Btw. Does the extruder hit the frame in the corner or just the enstop does not recognize the contact?

Kind regards,

Marcin Rańczuch


I can’t complete the axis check as the printer needs to home before completing the check.
The Y-limit switch is now also not working.

I have used a multimeter to verify the action of both switches (X & Y), both function electrically and mechanically as expected.

I have also updated the printer to SW V2.4.3

Here is a video of the printer failing its Y-axis homing sequence, you can hear the limit switch actuating.

I have also completed axis maintenance as described here:

This all started with a firmware update - it really feels like a software problem