Endstop issue / Carriage Issue


Hello everyone.

I use to made a maintenance on the M200 plus, since I’ve reach almost 1000h of printings. I keep everything well maintain, for longevity. So not my first maintenance.
I saw few things:

-First the printhead seem to move correctly on the rail, But there is points, 1 or 2 positions where it seems stuck. Like some kind of misalignement. I dont have it when the 16 screws of the carriage are loosen, but as I made the Axe maintenance procedure detailled on the site, as always, then when it’s tightened Ive got this kind of stucking.
The jig show me that everything is aligned. Anyway it doesnt seem to bother the printer when moving the X and Y axes.

-The second is relative to the endstops: issue Ive already encouter first week after getting the printer, in mars 2020. But few tricks did the job, no problem since.

The error is first 6:5, the head is moving, touch the endstop (clic) stop, and do it 3 time before showing me the error. Some time after tweaking screws around, the Y test pass, but transfer the error to the X endstop: error 5:5. As I try to correct it, it moves to each other endlessly. Today I can’t even start a print, when before it was rare. I’ve already ordered new endstops with the full cable for replacement in case of. I’ve already check if the endstops and relative cables were working good (multimeter), Nothing touch the gantry, Belt are align, correctly tightened.
Now I have so much tweaking every screw that I think I have to repaeat everything from the beginning to ensure the best positions.

I made a ticket to Zortrax Support already, do you guys use to encounter those problems? Is there some return of experience?

Thanks in advance


Hello. Well I manage to correct the issue: the four axes which hold the print heads are fixed by 4 tiny metalic insert on the belt carriage block, 2x 1.5mm allex screws each, then I saw somes where loose, axes had some mouvements during displacment.
I manage to tight them back but 2 are completly blocked in the thread.
Working for now but I will need to replace the 4 axes holders with screws to be future proof against the problem.
Waiting to know from Zortrax if they sell those items, for now I didn’t find them.