Erreur 2:4 - Buse Défaillance du chauffage


hello support

I have a bug more and more recurring comes back since the last firmware 2.4.0 update, I already had it with the 2.3.2 firmware:

Error 2:4 - Nozzle Heater Failure.
Hotend temp not raised ct264, mt265, tc90000

Looks like it takes too long to reach its setpoint in relation to the measured temperature ( Ct 264 / mt 265).

Before I was able to solve the problem by heating the nozzle before printing and it normally reaches the target temperature (270°C), but at the time of printing this error recurs.

I checked the connections of the resistor, the thermocouple and the PCB, I didn’t see anything particular (see attached pictures).

I don’t have a spare component to do a verification swap.

Thank you for your help



Hi Quentin,

Yes, it seems the printer cannot reach the target temperature. Have you tried printing with materials which have lower extrusion temperature (Z-HIPS, Z-PETG, Z-PLA)? Are you able to start a print then?

In general, when facing such an error - most often the heater&thermocouple is malfunctioning (consumable part). In the attached picture it seems this component is damaged. I would suggest swapping the heater&thermocouple first. Also, I encourage you to have a look at our maintenance guide.

Best regards,


hello karolina

Yes I tried to print other materials (Z-PLA, Z-PETG) and sometimes I got the bug and sometimes not, proof of a false contact can be?

Ok I’ll try to change heater&thermocouple, for information it’s a second hand machine with 450h of printing, it could be consistent.

thank you for your answer

You can close the ticket


Hi Quentin,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, swapping the heater&thermocouple is a good idea - as the machine has done 450 hours so far, the component may be malfunctioning. Let us know if you need further assistance.

Best regards,