Error # 15 - Cannot update the firmware


The printer gave me this error “Error # 15 - Cannot update the firmware” I tried several times to reinstall it, both version 2.1.3 and previous 2.1.2 without getting anything.



Please contact us via Support Form.

Let us know what firmware version is currently installed on the printer.

Also, please check the connections on the motherboard and the Android PCB.

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Hi, I contacted you via the Support Form.


@Cecco can you tell what was the issue. I ve the same.



in the end I changed the motherboard.


Thx for answer. Last question. Which website had you find it ?


Zortrax provides it, you need to open a support form. They will ask you to do tests to see if that is the cause, in my case they first tried to make me combine the android PBC (also provided by them), subsequently they also provided me with the motherboard.



Does the error occur only when you want to update the firmware? Are you able to access the menu when you unplug the USB/WiFi plug and Ethernet cable, or the error still occurs then? This could indicate the Android PCB is malfunctioning. If you need further assistance - please, contact us via support form.

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I can t open The menu. Where can find a new android pcb ?


Hi, please, contact us via support form. We will provide more details concerning the Android PCB.


I have contacted support with Zortrax, but wanted to mention that I am also suck on the Error 15 screen. I can upgrade and downgrade firmware from 2.0.0. to 2.2.3, but cannot get to the main UI.
Some documentation on when the firmware has been completely updated would be great.

I started out yesterday running firmware 1.4.0, and needed to upgrade to get ethernet support. Stepped through 1.5.0, 2.0.0, 2.1.4, 2.2.0, and 2.2.3. I don’t believe I got 2.2.3 to boot entirely, but on another printer I had to downgrade to 2.2.0 to get ethernet to work.