Error 55 Endstop X Homing Failure


We have had over 3 months of issues with our M300 plus printer and have sent it back to the store for repairs several times.

At random times during a print and sometimes this doesn’t happen at all the X axis will erratically vibrate and shift towards the left or right and continue printing, often afterwards we will get a homing error because the printer thinks it is printing normally and when finishing the print it tries to return home

we have performed all axes maintenance
we have lubricated the rails and checked the belt tension and tested the resistance of the extruding head
we have even replaced the motherboard
we have swapped x axis motors with y axis motors
we have swapped motor cables

All of the above does not solve the problem.
is anyone having similar issues?



I am really sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. I believe that after swapping the X and Y motor the layers still shifted in the same direction, right? Please, record some videos (axes check, extruder’s movement when the printer is turned off) and send them to us via support form. Also, please specify what kind of repairs were carried out by your reseller. We will do our best to provide further assistance.

Best regards,


Hi Karolina,

We have recently rebuilt the entire printer with new parts and seems to be working now. We have no idea what the problem was, but cables, motors and even motherboard has now been replaced.

Honestly we have spent so much money on this printer to fix this and it had only printed for 250 hours until we started having issues.

very surprising.

Thanks for reaching out