Error Code #8 - Unable to communicate with control board


Hi one of the m200 plus printers we have at my school is coming up with error code 8 on startup. I believe the firmware is up to date, but it had some difficulty in installing the firmware when I ran the update. It says to check the connection betweent the android and main boards, however i am not sure what I am looking at when I open the cover so I am not sure what to check


Hi Shane,

Please, have a look at our troubleshooting manual. I believe you will find it helpful. Still, if the problem persists after following the guide - please contact us via support form. One of the parts might need replacement.

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I have just had the same problem with my m200 plus a few weeks ago. I just purchased a new motherboard which I’ve been told should solve my problem (waiting for it in the mail). I have also tried a new extruder cable, PCB, heater/thermo coupler, still getting the Error 8. Also be careful leaving it on for any amount of time after you see error 8. My heater element would turn on and wouldnt stop heating. I wrecked a near new hot end and nozzle, (teflon shield/telfon cap just fell off), I could smell my printer with burning plastic throughout my house. After that happen I pulled the heater catridge out while testing new components. The thing went glowing orange until i turned the printer off…

I have the newest firmware 2.5.2.