Errors after print on M300+ and M200+


After a print when I want to start a new one, I often get errors (Y homing or bead heating). It’s on my 2 printers M200+ and M300+ both with firmware 2.2.3

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Make sure the heatbed cable is firmly plugged into the heatbed and to the Z-axis cover. As for the endstop Y homing error - check the endstop connection, it is also recommended to lubricate the rods and perform the axes maintenance. When the errors occur again - take pictures/videos and send them via support form. We will provide you with further help.

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Bead heat error is very common on my 2 printers. I checked all.
For homing error, it looks like if head was too far, firmware do no let enough time at regular speed to home.



Can you provide some pictures of the errors you get? Also, a video of the homing error would be really helpful. Or did you already contact us via support form?


at the end of a print:

at the start of a new print (after a one that finished correctly):



As for the endstop error - did you perform the axes maintenance? Also, check if the endstops are connected properly (you may even reattach them). Do you feel any resistance while moving the extruder once the printer was turned off?

#4:4 error - did you make sure the heatbed cable is firmly plugged into the heatbed and the Z-Axis cover? Otherwise - the heatbed cable/heatbed cable adapter might need replacement.



Yes I did axes maintenance without any issue and the print that just finished is good. No resistance when off.

Yes, heatbed cable is ok. If I just do a off / on printer without touch it, it’s okay.



Thank you for performing the maintenance - do I understand correctly that you can now start a new print without the endstop error?

As for the heatbed cable - I am afraid it may still lose connection at some point if the error does not occur only if you do not touch the cable.


I can always do a new print if I do a reset (off / on). The problems are between 2 consecutives prints.

I don’t touch the cable, only the bed to remove my print.



Just to make sure - if you are taking the platform off the printer to remove the print, you always turn the printer off first, right?


No, I just remove my print in place with the spatule and starts a new print.