Everyone's Prints Still This Stringy?

"About non Z-ABS, i tested a lot of othe ABS and the only one that work exactly how the ZABS is the Real ABS (RRW) that cost 21 €/ 1 kg.

Here two examples with Real ABS:"

Dont you mean RRW simple ABS instead of RRW Real ABS?..RRW simple ABS melting temperature is much closer to the temperatures of Z-ABS. I see that real ABS needs lower temperatures.

Here is at .19  Still no strings.. aO4pC4.jpg

Definately getting more stringing and blobs, after upgrading to newest firmware and 1.4.1.

I still have old hot end if that makes a difference.

Nearly always use utrat.

Here is at .19  Still no strings.. aO4pC4.jpg

I find that I'm more likely to get strings if I put a heap of small parts on the plate.

Blobs are still a pain in the arse, and I'd really appreciate it if Z got their act together on the retraction or whatever they messed with in the firmware that caused it.

The very best prints I've had were from back in the day when their software/firmware was in the beta stage, and that includes the brand new machine I have here now.

i have a ton of stringing still, printing at 90micron... Kyle, do you mind me asking what FW you are on?

It's actually a massive PITA, with no acknowledgement or fix in sight. Been there since november.

I'm planning on doing a retraction test today, will do it at all layer resolutions...